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MLB Direct Hire Solutions

MLB Direct Hire Solution is a company with a vision to match candidates’ talent and personality with the right opportunity for temporary help. We understand building relationships with our candidates and clients will create synergy. When our clients call to fill a position, for one or more candidates or for one or many days, we already have the right person because of our ongoing communication. We match the candidates with the right client so both parties will have a positive partnership for a long or short period depending on the project or task. We are here to help you meet your business objectives. 

Vision: To build a relationship with our clients, our candidates, and other
stakeholders by supporting/coaching them to reach their true/highest potential. 

Mission: To help improve organization performance by providing clients with

Our Values: We connect people with the right talent and fit for success.
Our people are our most valued asset. Our success will be achieved through our people.

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Respect the intrinsic value of our clients, our candidates, our employees

and our community

Commitment to long term relationships and lasting partnerships

Maintain an active, open and transparent communication space

Committed to maintained excellent service in order to benefit employee and employer

We take pride in our integrity and value our relationships to treat everyone with respect and kindness

HR Management

Dedicated HR Specialists

A dedicated HR specialist will be available throughout business hours by phone, video conference or e-mail to answer and questions or direct your concerns.

Risk Management

  • Provides unlimited advice related to Canadian employment law and access to HR knowledge

  • Inform, recommend and implement when new legislation that affects your organization

  •  Management coaching through any human resource issues

  • Specialized consulting including WSIB, benefits and compliant investigations

Help Desk


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