At MLB Direct we look forward to working with you directly to match you as the perfect candidate for those employers seeking candidates with your abilities. We take pride as a company, that while we are growing we want to grow with you along the way. With the services provided by us, we give our employees the opportunity to continuously develop personally. If you feel you have the skill sets and knowledge required and want to utilize those please submit your resume below!

Get Experience

With temporary staffing the options are unlimited, utilize your knowledge from your developed skills to gain more experience and develop skills by working in new fields. The possibilities are endless!

Make Money Now

Temporary Staffing allows you, the candidate to make money quickly and efficiently based on the number of hours you provide. With endless job opportunities and partnerships, you can earn as much money as possible!

Get In The Door

Temporary Staffing will give you the tools needed to develop your skills and get started with entry-level work, allowing you to build your skills and knowledge so you could move your way up into more skilled and technical work.